Submit a Claim

How to Submit a Claim

Simply complete the form on this page. In order to ensure you receive a maximum settlement in the shortest amount of time, complete each field thoroughly and accurately.

Required Documents

In addition to a completed claim form, a death certificate may be necessary upon request.

Where can I get a death certificate?

The death certificate is issued by an authorized government agency. The funeral home director may also be able to help you acquire a copy.

About Our Claims Department

To serve you, ELCO’s claim department has over seventy-five years of insurance experience.  We understand that at a time of loss, the paperwork may seem insurmountable. The ELCO claim staff is ready to assist you and will help simplify the process. 

We strive to handle each claim promptly and fairly. We take great pride in providing beneficiaries with easy to understand instructions and settlement options.  In this way, a beneficiary can make an informed decision on options they may have regarding claims benefits.  Once we have received all the required documentation, our typical turnaround time on a claim is 24 hours.

ELCO’s is a member of the International Claim Association, North American Training Group, and the Life Office Management Association, where our staff receives continuing education. 

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What Our Agents Have To Say

“I love how easy claims are with ELCO. In a couple of days, you have a check and the whole process is so easy compared to other claims with other preneed carriers”

- Michael Brenna

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